Mega-kill Meltdown: Majors

Mega-kill Meltdown is Luna’s Bi-weekly run-down of DotA 2

After The International 5 finals, the post-TI drama, and the memes, a new age dawns in the E-Sports scene for DotA. Valve has decided to create three more official valve tournaments to act as a filler between The Internationals. Meet, The Majors.

Similar to the Internationals, The Majors will need teams to enter via direct invitations, or battling their way through the Open Qualifiers, to play in the Regional Qualifiers to get invited directly to The Majors. Along with the coming of The Majors, some rules have a locked into DotA’s competitive scene. To be able to play in the Open Qualifiers, you must lock your team. Once five members of a team have been locked, you cannot leave that team until the end of the season.

Personally, I’m very excited to be part of the qualifiers, and watching The Majors, as it gives every team a chance to try their hand at competitive. Whether the Grand Champions, Evil Geniuses, or the unnamed five stacks, everyone is welcome and able to play, as long as they can turn up.

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