Achievement Unlocked: Beginnings

There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing the achievements of an amazing game pop-up on screen. Whether it be through having the Gamerscore add up in your Xbox account or seeing all the platinum trophies on someone’s PSN account, there’s always a sense of pride that follows showing people your account. Having only started platinum hunting at the end of 2018 as a personal challenge; I had never really thought about completing any games to completion before that. Who knew that challenge would lead to one of my biggest hobbies? As I mainly play most of my games on PlayStation, I will be talking in terms of PSN, but this can be carried over to other platforms as well.

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Call For Writers

UPDATE: currently not accepting any other writers. Thank you for everyone that reached out wanting to be part of this organization. I was planning on getting some writers once the non-profit became official. Yet, now with coronavirus, the isolation and only non-essential business being open, it looks like it won’t happen until late spring or into the summer. Therefore, I decided to do this earlier.

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Resurrecting PinkFae Gaming

After have been gone for three years, PinkFae Gaming is back. The original site was never renewed and all the information was lost. I gave up on my idea out of frustration. Now that I am retired I have plenty of time to give all of my energy to maintaining the new site.

The current domain has been purchased for ten years and will need to be renewed in 2030. This will help us get back on our feet and have time to raise funds for when it will need to be renewed. We are in the progress of making PinkFae Gaming a nonprofit organization. We hired a lawyer this time around to make sure that we can secure the status.

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An Analysis of GMing (Part 9): Handling Player Conflict

Player conflict is a problem that all GMs must face at least once in their life. It may result from any number of causes. But regardless of the cause, it can result in a total disintegration of the gaming group. Even if everything else is going well, two players (or their characters) being antagonistic towards one another can ruin the game for everyone.

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Board Game Review: Power Grid

In my quest to play eighty of the top 100 board games, I have finally been able to play Power Grid. I first heard of this game when I read the Cracked article 6 Board Games that Ruined It for Everyone. That article lists Monopoly as the worst board game of all time. Perhaps it’s only fair to say it’s the worst widely known board game of all time. But the article goes on to recommend Power Grid instead. The article states:

Power Grid is everything Monopoly should have been. You’re genuinely aiming to build a monopoly, earning ever-increasing fountains of money, but you still have to spend every cent to stay ahead of the competition.

I’ve only been able to play once, but I already know I need to own a copy for myself. Let me explain why.

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