Streamer Spotlight: SKuNKW0RXx

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing a Twitch Affiliate who goes by SKuNKW0RXx (She/Her). You can find her channel here. We met by way of a mutual group we’re in on Facebook and hit it off from there. I found her perspective and insight valuable in regards to streaming while trans and couldn’t wait to share it with all of you.

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Streamer Spotlight: SailorAmy

A shot of Amy mid-stream. Isn’t her overlay cute?

We’ve all been catching up with our favorite media recently, binging Netflix and YouTube, finding new streamers on Twitch, etc. Today, I wanted to take the chance to put the spotlight on a smaller trans streamer from Australia who I was lucky to have the chance to interview and ask some questions about what it is like getting started and trying to find a foothold in the over saturated market that Twitch has become.

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Interview: Twitch Streamer DistractedElf

I was given the opportunity to interview Twitch streamer and YouTuber DistractedElf. She is best known for streaming X-COM on Twitch. She started off on YouTube where she posts role-playing campaigns she GMs.

Katie Walter: How did you come up with the name DistractedElf as your Twitch username?

DistractedElf: Well, initially when I started my channel I wanted some kind of gimmick. So it was a costume thing! I do a lot of LARP so I had the elf ears. Not to mention it was a username that I hadn’t heard before, so I hoped it’d be unique.

KW: Do you ever share any of your LARP games on Twitch?

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