First Impressions: Celeste, Beacon and More

If you didn’t get a hold of that $5 bundle from last week that included well over 1000 games, you missed out for sure. Among them were gems like Arcade Spirits, which I’ve reviewed for the Switch previously, and other games I’ve heard great things about including Celeste. It even included some tabletop game systems and game development assets to help you get started with making games. To say that it was a steal is an understatement that would make even Humble Bundle jealous.

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Video Game Review: Family Man

The title of this game alone might remind you of the famous series including a baby that started out having a death wish against his own mother. You are likely to have seen it if you follow the YouTuber, CallMeKevin. In the first video where he played it, he showed that the team sent him a free code saying it was right up his alley since he could be a jerk as part of the fun.

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Video Game Review: Far Cry 5

Available on :PC Xbox, PS4.

Far Cry is a franchise of games that many have enjoyed. It has an almost cult like following from fans of the early games of the series. Far Cry 2 and 3 attracted huge amounts of fans of the series including myself. So, what went well and badly with Far Cry 5?

Reviews on Far Cry 5 were positive about the game. The reality of it however is quite different from a player’s perspective.

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Minecraft Dungeons

On 26th May 2020, Mojang launched their new Minecraft themed spin off game, Minecraft Dungeons. The game has had some mixed opinions with a majority as positive.

I myself have a vast amount of experience on Minecraft, having earned myself quite the reputation for some of my large scale builds. I was excited for this dungeon crawlers release and I will breakdown for you exactly what I love about this new release as well as some problems I can foresee in its future.

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Video Game Review: Rimworld

“An EXPERIENCE is an arc of emotions, thoughts, and decisions inside the player’s mind.”
― Tynan Sylvester, Designing Games: A Guide to Engineering Experiences

The above quote is not only a great definition. It serves as a good reminder that gaming is about the experience the player has. We all play for different reasons: Some of us want to escape our current world, some of us just want to release some stress by killing zombies, some of us want to compete for glory in a fictional or real-world arena. All of these things lead us to seek experiences that games can provide.

This review will be a bit different, focusing on the story of the game’s evolution, its unique premise that is an amalgamation of inspirations ranging from Firefly to Warhammer 40k, and its overall benefit as being more of a customizable story generator than a standard game.

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