PinkFae Gaming Adds More Writers

We have been very busy creating more transgender inclusive gaming tournaments that we didn’t have time to complete the other objectives of our mission. To help out we enlisted the help of a few more writers and tournament organizers. Their unique gaming backgrounds will bring a refreshing perspective to PinkFae Gaming. Look for more articles about first-person shooters, video game role-playing games, pen-and-paper role-playing games and even boffer games.

Zoey joined us with an interest to put together our first Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament. We are glad to have her on board since this is a game we wanted to branch out into to. The tournament still has plenty of spots left. Don’t wait until the last minute when they are all gone; make sure you contact her and join today!

We now have a huge Dota fan with Luna joining PinkFae Gaming. She will be doing a regular column for the site called Mega-kill Meltdown that will be all about Dota. She expressed interest in helping with next year’s PinkFae Dota 2 League Female 1v1 Tournament which is tentatively scheduled for April 2016. If we have the funds, there will also be a PinkFae Dota 2 League Mixed Tournament of 5v5 with a prize pool of $2500.

Lyanna is very excited to be a part of the PinkFae Gaming family. Her first article was an interview with Lena Chappelle. The article proved to be very popular on Reddit and was also featured on Women Write About Comics regular Column “Get Your Game on Wednesday“. Look for more articles from her in the near future.

We are pleased to have Emma writing for us. She’s an accomplished Dungeon Master with great storytelling skills. I had the joy of being a player in one of her campaigns. She also loves to play Dagorhi. We hope to see articles about this Tolkien inspired boffer game. 

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This is the archives for PinkFae Gaming when it was The posts are from November 2014 through February 2017. The articles are from the Wayback Machine.

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