Jennell Jaquays Interview on Matt Chat

When I posted on twitter to share my post on Rebecca Heineman on Matt Chat, I got a reply from her. After a good two minutes of fan girling over it, I read what she wrote. She let me know that Jennell Jaquays was also interviewed on Matt Chat. I have to admit that I didn’t know anything about Jennell Jaquays.

Her most notable works include the Advance Dungeons & Dragons modules “Dark Tower” and “Caverns of Thracia”. She also was an artist for TSR with her art featured on their gaming magazine Dragon. I use to be an active player of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in the late 70s and early 80s, but never played either of the two modules. We actually created a lot of our own back in the day.

After working for TSR, she became a level designer for id Software where she created levels that appeared in Quake 2, Quake III: Arena, and Quake III: Team Arena. She worked on art content for Age of Empires III and the expansion for it The War Chiefs.

In August of 2012, Ms. Jaquays re-launched her former design studio (Jaquays Design Studio) as Dragongirl Studios and began taking on freelance art and design assignments.

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