Video Game Review: Craft the World

Craft the World is a very fun and addicting simulation game. You start off the game with one dwarf, a storage location and a shop to buy things. There is also technology tree where you have to complete a number of items crafted to reach the next tier. You use your dwarf to locate the items required, which could be a plant, an animal or a mineral. When you start crafting you will gain experience points to reach the next level. At each new level you gain one new dwarf to help with your city.

The game does have a day and night rotation. During the night zombies, skeletons and other foul beasts will show up in an attempt to destroy your creation. When you slay them you will get some experience points and they will drop some loot. There will also be goblins that try to move in randomly during the day.

The interface is very easy to use. You can drag the items you crafted into a tool bar, click it again to select it and then place them on the map. The crafting is done by dragging items into one of nine boxes. Depending on what item you place in which box you’ll create an item. This might seem cumbersome at first, but the first time you make a mistake and discover an item you don’t have the instructions for, you’ll be happy it was made that way.

I played the game at an easy setting to get use to it and have some fun. There are ways to make it more challenging. I set it so that when a dwarf dies he later respawns, but you can set it so that it is a permanent death.

If you are into simulation games where you get to build homes, this is the game for you.

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