Resurrecting PinkFae Gaming

After have been gone for three years, PinkFae Gaming is back. The original site was never renewed and all the information was lost. I gave up on my idea out of frustration. Now that I am retired I have plenty of time to give all of my energy to maintaining the new site.

The current domain has been purchased for ten years and will need to be renewed in 2030. This will help us get back on our feet and have time to raise funds for when it will need to be renewed. We are in the progress of making PinkFae Gaming a nonprofit organization. We hired a lawyer this time around to make sure that we can secure the status.

We have plans of starting more leagues for gender minorities (female and transgender individuals). This includes bringing back the DOTA 2 and Magic: The Gathering competitions. We will be doing articles of interest for transgender gamers and gamers in general. Look for that coming up in the next month or two.

There still is a few more things that need to be added to the site. Most of what we obtained came from The Wayback Machine. Some of the articles we weren’t able to obtain but we have most of it up for people to read and engage in. The past league information will be put back up in the next few weeks.

We’re excited to restart the mission we set for ourselves: making gaming a more friendly environment for gender minorities from development to esports.

About Katie Walter

Katie’s (she/her) first experience with video games was in the late 1970s with Pong on the family Tandy TRS-80 home computer. She published her first gaming review in 1982 for the TRS-80 video game Rear Guard. It was around this time that Katie also discovered the joy of roll playing games, starting with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. In college she played Doom, getting her into first person shooting games. This interest lasted until Final Fantasy XI was released when she started to spend time playing massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Currently she has an interest in many different genres of video games. She lives in Elgin, Illinois with her cat Lorien.

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