About Katie Walter

Katie’s (she/her) first experience with video games was in the late 1970s with Pong on the family Tandy TRS-80 home computer. She published her first gaming review in 1982 for the TRS-80 video game Rear Guard. It was around this time that Katie also discovered the joy of roll playing games, starting with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. In college she played Doom, getting her into first person shooting games. This interest lasted until Final Fantasy XI was released when she started to spend time playing massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Currently she has an interest in many different genres of video games. She lives in Elgin, Illinois with her cat Lorien.

Why PinkFae Gaming is Needed

I have been trying to get some fund raising for the non-profit for a while now. With me being out of work and on disability, I just can’t maintain this organization on my own as I have been doing. I come to depend on our writers on this site to keep up with the content while I’m trying to build the organization up and get more name recognition. This isn’t a very easy task, and takes up the majority of my time. I am currently juggling between getting us to have a presence on Twitch with our new channel there, along with trying to vocalize why people should be investing their time and money into the mission of PinkFae Gaming.

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PinkFae TV Looking for Streamers

We have completed the graphics and laid out the channel for our new PinkFae TV channel on Twitch. Now all we need are some streamers to showcase. It is our hope to find some transgender and ally streamers that would be willing to stream on our new channel. This way viewers could see some of the great content that transgender gamers have to offer for the Twitch community.

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We’re Now a 501(c)(3) Organization

Early last week we finally obtained the status of a tax exempt 591(c)(3) organization. It has always been my hope to make PinkFae Gaming a non-profit site to assist transgender players and developers and to educate to game designers about transgender representation. We have been providing you many good articles. Much of it is related to gaming, but there is also some of them that are centered around transgender streamers (for example SailorAmy). There is a beautiful article written about discovering yourself as a transgender through role play.

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Fiction Factory Games Announces Arcade Spirits

LONDON – April 20, 2020 – Set in modern times where the 80s video game crash never happened, Arcade Spirits brings its highly rated, electrifying experience to consoles for the first time on May 1, 2020 across digital and European retail, and in North American stores on May 22. Fans can now preorder a physical copy of the game through major retailers, including GameStop and Best Buy, for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Nintendo Switch™ for $39.99. Digital preorders are also available and includes Xbox One.

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Call For Writers

UPDATE: currently not accepting any other writers. Thank you for everyone that reached out wanting to be part of this organization. I was planning on getting some writers once the non-profit became official. Yet, now with coronavirus, the isolation and only non-essential business being open, it looks like it won’t happen until late spring or into the summer. Therefore, I decided to do this earlier.

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