PinkFae MTG League: 2016 Female Standard Tournament

We are very pleased to announce the first tournament for the PinkFae Magic: The Gathering League. The tournament will be a non-sanctioned female standard tournament. The top eight finalists will compete for a portion of the $500 prize pool. The entry fee for participating is $15. There are only 40 spots available and spots will be filled on a first come first served basis.


Players will play a six round Swiss-style tournament. The top eight will advance to a single-elimination tournament. All decks will be a constructed standard deck. Your deck construction will need to be registered during check-in. Registration sheets can be found online and will also be available on-site.

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Registration for the 2016 Female Dota 2 1v1 Tournament

The PinkFae Dota 2 League is a league for the top female gamers to break out into the professional scene and network with other female gamers and teams. Last year’s Female 1v1 Tournament was very successful, with fifteen players participating. We hope to have even more players participate in the 2016 Female 1v1 Tournament. Players will play for a prize pot of $500 in a single elimination tournament.


Players will play a 1v1 mid Swiss-style tournament with the number of games determined by the number of players. The top sixty-four players will be seeded in a bracket-style tournament. The games will be a 1v1 mid, best of three to advance to the next round. The semi-finals and the final will be a best of five.

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Official PinkFae CS:GO League 2015!

We’re very pleased to announce the first official PinkFae CS:GO tournament! Starting later this year, players will compete for a large pot of skins in a 1v1 format.

Eligibility and Registration

The tournament is solely for female players. Transgender female players are encouraged to participate. You must own CS:GO. Both amateur, semi-professional and professional players are welcome. The tournament is open on an international level.

To enter, please email, along with your Steam ID, ingame rank and RWS (if applicable) Rank and RWS will be used to ensure fair seeding.

Registration will close on the 30th of September

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PinkFae Dota 2 League Tournament Set to Begin

The field for the very first PinkFae Dota 2 League tournament is set to start May 2nd at 2pm CDT. Twenty-three players are competing for the $500 prize pool and the 2015 Female 1v1 Tournament trophy.

Taking the top seed is Delfnee, captain of the team WoH8 (The Six Wives Of Henry VIII) who currently came off of an impressive run in the Girl Wars tournament in April.

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