Official PinkFae CS:GO League 2015!

We’re very pleased to announce the first official PinkFae CS:GO tournament! Starting later this year, players will compete for a large pot of skins in a 1v1 format.

Eligibility and Registration

The tournament is solely for female players. Transgender female players are encouraged to participate. You must own CS:GO. Both amateur, semi-professional and professional players are welcome. The tournament is open on an international level.

To enter, please email, along with your Steam ID, ingame rank and RWS (if applicable) Rank and RWS will be used to ensure fair seeding.

Registration will close on the 30th of September


The tournament will be played as a 1v1 with single elimination. Maps will be selected from the below pool with a veto system. Best of 30 wins the map.

  • am_redline
  • am_map
  • awp_india
  • am_usp
  • am_nuke

The map will be chosen by each player banning 2 maps from the pool, leaving the last map to be played. The finals will be played as a best of 3, with one map being banned and one map being picked by each player, with the last map left as the deciding factor.

Prize Pool

The pot of skins will be split 75% to the winner and 25% to the runner up. Gray skins will be given to all who pass the first round.

You can donate skins to the prize pool here. ALL skins will go straight to the prize pool

Rules and Regulations

  1. those with previous bans in CSGO may not participate
  2. any cheating will result in immediate disqualification.
  3. No moves that take advantage of the game in unintended ways. For example, no pixelwalking, no abusing transparent textures. No Olofmeisters.
  4. The tournament will be judged by PinkFae staff members. They have the final say in all matters

About PinkFae Archives

This is the archives for PinkFae Gaming when it was The posts are from November 2014 through February 2017. The articles are from the Wayback Machine.

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