PinkFae MTG League: 2016 Female Standard Tournament

We are very pleased to announce the first tournament for the PinkFae Magic: The Gathering League. The tournament will be a non-sanctioned female standard tournament. The top eight finalists will compete for a portion of the $500 prize pool. The entry fee for participating is $15. There are only 40 spots available and spots will be filled on a first come first served basis.


Players will play a six round Swiss-style tournament. The top eight will advance to a single-elimination tournament. All decks will be a constructed standard deck. Your deck construction will need to be registered during check-in. Registration sheets can be found online and will also be available on-site.


This non-sanctioned tournament is for female players. Transgender female players are encouraged to participate. Both amateur, semi-professional and professional players are welcome. If you are under the age of 13 years of age will need permission from a parent or guardian to participate. A DCI number is not required.

The tournament will largely be based on an honor system rule. Any racist, sexist, ageist, transphobic, sizeist, ableist, or homophobic language will not be tolerated and could result in application rejection or disqualification from the tournament.


There is a $15 entry fee that can be made by PayPal. Once completed, please complete the registration form. Space is limited to 40 players. Once the space is full you can complete the registration form to be placed on a waiting list.

Players are required to check in prior to 11:30 AM of the tournament date. Players that do not check in on time could lose their spot. Late registrations will be taken after 11:30 AM if any spots are vacant. Priority will be given to those that are on the waiting list that are present.

Tournament Date

The tournament will take place on June 11, 2016 starting at noon with check-in starting at 10:00 AM. It is expected to end at 11:00 PM or later.

Rules & Regulations

With certain exceptions, the tournament will follow Magic: The Gathering tournament rules, which can be found here.

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