An Overview of the Crusader Kings Franchise

Seeing all the hype about Crusader Kings III and wondering if you should buy it? Looking into it and feeling overwhelmed by the GUI or the premise? In this article, I’ll be going over the franchise from beginning to end and talking about the general things. Next week I’ll have had enough time to write a thorough review of the third installment, so expect that, but without further ado, let’s get started.

Crusader Kings

The first game was released way, way back in 2004. Paradox Interactive was just as behind it then as they are behind the new releases now, and when you look at the three games briefly, it’s charming to see how far the studio has come with its games in that span of time.

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The State of No Man’s Sky

The aftermath of the flood

If you were watching E3 in 2014, chances are you were talking about No Man’s Sky in the coming months and years before it’s release on August 9th, 2016. That release was so abysmal that it is still talked about as one of the biggest letdowns to gamers everywhere in gaming history for the past decade or two. Many at the time compared it to Molyneux levels of disappointment, and rightfully so.

Promises were broken. Players that had talked it up for months prior and ridden that hype train felt betrayed, myself included. Understandably, refund rates were high and the sheer amount of hate the game received in the form of dismal reviews in both written and video form flooded the gaming news section of the internet for months.

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The State of Magic: The Gathering from a Player Perspective

I’m not someone who has been following Magic since it’s earliest inception. I’ve never even been a person to study every point in its history. Lately, however, the community has been split every which way:

The protests and riots happening in the US have divided the Magic community even after it was already split by the release of Ikoria’s Companion mechanic, which sparked controversy and started conversations about new practices regarding set releases. Many questioned whether enough playtesting was being done, or if research across all available formats was able to justify the “obviously” over-powered mechanic.

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Bargain Games to tide you over during Lockdown

During these difficult times, it is always a help to turn to things we enjoy and love. To pass the time and getting lost in the video game worlds, is always a big help in coping and giving some stress relief. As such, to help you do so in a cost effective way to pick up new games that are under $10 or less, I’ve complied the below list with a mini review on each to help you decide.

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