The Collector’s Editions

Personally, Collector’s Editions have always interested me. It was not until I had some disposable income that I was able to start collecting these editions. Over the past four years I have probably dropped a few thousand on CEs; some good, some bad, and some I am indifferent on. CEs of games are usually a version of game at launch that come with extra goodies. These can include art books, soundtracks, figures, and whatever other weird thing the company decides to throw in. A good collector’s edition generally strikes a balance between what items it offers, the quality of said items, and the cost of the entire thing. It should go without saying, these editions will cost more than the base game.

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Streamer Spotlight: SailorAmy

A shot of Amy mid-stream. Isn’t her overlay cute?

We’ve all been catching up with our favorite media recently, binging Netflix and YouTube, finding new streamers on Twitch, etc. Today, I wanted to take the chance to put the spotlight on a smaller trans streamer from Australia who I was lucky to have the chance to interview and ask some questions about what it is like getting started and trying to find a foothold in the over saturated market that Twitch has become.

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Bargain Games to tide you over during Lockdown

During these difficult times, it is always a help to turn to things we enjoy and love. To pass the time and getting lost in the video game worlds, is always a big help in coping and giving some stress relief. As such, to help you do so in a cost effective way to pick up new games that are under $10 or less, I’ve complied the below list with a mini review on each to help you decide.

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Video Game Review: Arcade Spirits

Naomi Fairchild – one of my favorite characters, personally – is a total sweetheart of a retro arcade cabinet repair nerd.

A few weeks ago, we posted that Arcade Spirits would be coming to consoles. That includes digital copies that were available May 1st, to the physical copies coming to North American stores on the 22nd. I received an email with the code for the Switch a few days ago, and since then, I’ve barely been able to put it down.

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Video Game Review: Total War Shogun 2

Total War Shogun 2 is a PC Real Time Strategy game that was released on PC on 15th March 2011. It has received amazing reviews and earned itself a BAFTA in the Category for Games Award for Strategy.

I want to mention here that the developers have made Shogun 2 free for a limited time to aid the campaign to stay at home during these difficult times. You can get the free copy from Monday 27th April 2020. This game is a great opportunity if you are new to RTS genre to sink your teeth into it for no cost! For more details on this deal please visit HERE

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