Review: Alice is Missing – A Silent RPG

Title: Alice is Missing – A Silent RPG
Hunters Entertainment
Learning Curve: All skill levels

In my 20+ years of gaming experience, I have never played an RPG like Alice is Missing (AIM). Until now, systems like D&D and Pathfinder have been centric to my awareness, which I now regret. A session of AIM is an intense experience that will stay with you long after you leave the table. Five players embody the friends and family of Alice and over 90 mins, weave together a collaborative story that is completely unique as they try to discover what happened to Alice.

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Video Game Review: Shantae Half-Genie Hero

Released in December 2016, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero released on every major console at the time. Half-Genie Hero took what previous games had and built on/ simplified many different elements. Being the fourth game in the series, many fans had high expectations of this game. While the reviews were lower than Pirate’s Curse, Half-Genie Hero still did very well with many fans. WayForward’s first step into HD for this series created a fresh start for the series while maintaining the what people loved of the original game.

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The “Appropriateness” of Gender Topics and Youth in TTRPGs

As a “forever” Game Mistress (GM), as is colloquial in the Tabletop Role-Playing Game (TTRPG) community, I follow quite a few GM YouTubers. Today, during my research for articles such as this, I came across a video by one to which I subscribe. In this particular installment, DawnforgedCast was reviewing a recent (at the time) article from discussing how Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), and subsequently Wizards of the Coast, were dedicated to further LGBT+ representation and inclusion in its products. While that remains to be seen, my curiosity was peaked more by the questions that DawnforgedCast asked his viewers.

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Video Game Review: Crusader Kings III

If you saw my article from last week, you know that I’ve been spending my time since then playing Crusader Kings III from Paradox Development Studios. While I am a fan of Paradox games overall, I have yet to play any of their games on release aside from this one. That said, from what I heard from other fans, especially fans of the Crusader Kings franchise, this release – while a bit rocky so far – has been leagues above the launch of the second installment.

See, I’m a fantasy nerd, but at heart, I’m a sci-fi girl. Due to that, I found myself falling in love with Stellaris in all its forms. Even after the massive update that overhauled several mechanics, I found a new respect for Paradox. After all, that’s a hard decision, and one they made for the right reasons and executed well. All of that said, even with the bumps I’ve seen so far in my personal time with the game, I’m absolutely stoked to see how far this installment will go and what forms it will take as expansions and DLCs come out. That’s not even mentioning the mods that are already flooding the internet, aided by Paradox’s own modding tools that help players mod the game.

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Why PinkFae Gaming is Needed

I have been trying to get some fund raising for the non-profit for a while now. With me being out of work and on disability, I just can’t maintain this organization on my own as I have been doing. I come to depend on our writers on this site to keep up with the content while I’m trying to build the organization up and get more name recognition. This isn’t a very easy task, and takes up the majority of my time. I am currently juggling between getting us to have a presence on Twitch with our new channel there, along with trying to vocalize why people should be investing their time and money into the mission of PinkFae Gaming.

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