About Maya Moraleja

Maya first started gaming at the age of three with a copy of Pokemon Silver on the Gameboy color and just fell in love with the hobby. Expanding her horizons on different games and genres turned into something that eventually lead to her seeking out a career in gaming.

Video Game Review: The Last of Us Part II

In 2013 Naughty Dog released The Last of US for the PlayStation 3. Being one of the most impressive PS3 games, it is no surprise this game received a sequel in 2020. The Last of Us Part II follows up with Joel and Ellie have settled down and living a peaceful life. As this game takes place five years later, seeing Ellie grown up and happy felt amazing. After watching her go through so much in the first game, it was nice seeing that she had a happy life for a bit.

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Video Game Review: Welcome to the Isle of Armor

Released in June 2020, Pokémon received its first piece of paid DLC in the form of The Isle of Armor. With prior generations of Pokémon, GameFreak released a third game that adds more content to that generation. This can take the form of new area, characters, story elements, or even new Pokémon. However, with the release of Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch, GameFreak is taking a new approach to new content by using DLC for the first time. The Isle of Armor does exactly what previous updated versions of Pokémon have done in the past. New Pokémon have been added to the game, many older Pokémon return, and a new area to explorer.

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Five Easy But Rewarding Games

Since the release of the Xbox 360 back in 2006, achievements have made their way into gaming as a kind of medal of honor. Completing the achievement list for a game not only shows people how much you love a game; but also, the dedication to explorer almost every single part the game has to offer. While many games require hundreds of hours and multiple playthroughs to complete, there are many great games with easy achievements. This list will follow games that are easy to complete but still leaves the player with a sense of accomplishment.

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Video Game Review: Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Released in 2010, Xenoblade Chronicles launched late in the Wii’s lifespan in Japan. Initially, there were no plans for Nintendo to release this game in the United States. However, along with The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower, these games became the goal for Operation Rainfall. The goal of Operation Rainfall was to push Nintendo into localizing these three games for a US audience. Spawning two sequels, many ports/remasters, and a Smash Bros introduction; Xenoblade became one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises. There is no surprise that Nintendo remastered this game on the Switch with a new art style and many quality of life improvements. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition brings a timeless classic for a new generation.

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My Time At GameStop

Many gamers in the early 2000s have some memories of going inside of GameStop. Whether to purchase a few games or to trade in some old games, GameStop holds many fond memories for people. From 2017 to 2019, working at GameStop has been an interesting experience. GameStop seemed like a good place to work due to flexible hours on top of my schoolwork. While it was fun during my first few months there, many problems came up making that job intolerable.

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