The Collector’s Editions

Personally, Collector’s Editions have always interested me. It was not until I had some disposable income that I was able to start collecting these editions. Over the past four years I have probably dropped a few thousand on CEs; some good, some bad, and some I am indifferent on. CEs of games are usually a version of game at launch that come with extra goodies. These can include art books, soundtracks, figures, and whatever other weird thing the company decides to throw in. A good collector’s edition generally strikes a balance between what items it offers, the quality of said items, and the cost of the entire thing. It should go without saying, these editions will cost more than the base game.

The Bad

A Bad CE usually have a few things wrong with them. The first point is when it cost way too much compared to what they come with. No one wants to drop a large some of money for items they may not care about. This can lead to many places dropping the prices to the point where they are worth it, Final Fantasy X for example. The second point is when the focus of the edition is on something no one will care about. This can be something like a figure of character no one cares about or when one item gets more attention than others. And then Red Dead Redemption II. That one does not come with game. Why would you pick up a CE of a game that does not come with the game? Examples include:


A Neutral CE is one that does not offer anything amazing but does still seems worth it in the end. These editions usually do not come with physical items to make up the cost difference. Instead it offers digital content such as season passes and usually a steel book with them. These editions are great for people who are going to buy all the digital content anyway. There are few of these editions that include other items instead of a season pass. Examples Include:

The Good

To me, a good CE generally follows a good balance between the items it comes with, quality of said items, and how much it costs. Are the extra items worth the extra cost? Each person is bit different in what they like in a CE, so it is up to everyone. Personally, I am a huge fan of art books. Show me a good art book with developer notes and how designs changed over development. I will throw my wallet at it. But other people are bigger fans of collectibles that come with them. Others love the soundtracks/sound selections that can only be obtained through these. While others sometimes just love the box they come with. Everyone has their own reason for picking one up. Example Include:

Do bear in mind that all of these are following prices in USD. As well as prices at launch. Many of these prices have gone up since then due to being highly collectible. Everyone has their own reasons for purchasing a CE, to me these editions are like a piece of gaming history. When one of these editions are worth it, it shows how much of an impact specific games have on me.

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