The “Appropriateness” of Gender Topics and Youth in TTRPGs

As a “forever” Game Mistress (GM), as is colloquial in the Tabletop Role-Playing Game (TTRPG) community, I follow quite a few GM YouTubers. Today, during my research for articles such as this, I came across a video by one to which I subscribe. In this particular installment, DawnforgedCast was reviewing a recent (at the time) article from discussing how Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), and subsequently Wizards of the Coast, were dedicated to further LGBT+ representation and inclusion in its products. While that remains to be seen, my curiosity was peaked more by the questions that DawnforgedCast asked his viewers.

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LGBT+ Representation in Grand Theft Auto

Typically I would be reviewing for you a game or some such every week. Sometimes something brand new. Other times, I would be revisiting an old favourite of mine.

Today however, I felt that it would be a key point to try and address a game that has probably had more controversies than I’ve had hot dinners! I want to look at it from a perspective to see how well or poorly they have included LGBT+ characters.

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