Streamer Spotlight: SailorAmy

A shot of Amy mid-stream. Isn’t her overlay cute?

We’ve all been catching up with our favorite media recently, binging Netflix and YouTube, finding new streamers on Twitch, etc. Today, I wanted to take the chance to put the spotlight on a smaller trans streamer from Australia who I was lucky to have the chance to interview and ask some questions about what it is like getting started and trying to find a foothold in the over saturated market that Twitch has become.

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Interview: Twitch Streamer DistractedElf

I was given the opportunity to interview Twitch streamer and YouTuber DistractedElf. She is best known for streaming X-COM on Twitch. She started off on YouTube where she posts role-playing campaigns she GMs.

Katie Walter: How did you come up with the name DistractedElf as your Twitch username?

DistractedElf: Well, initially when I started my channel I wanted some kind of gimmick. So it was a costume thing! I do a lot of LARP so I had the elf ears. Not to mention it was a username that I hadn’t heard before, so I hoped it’d be unique.

KW: Do you ever share any of your LARP games on Twitch?

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Rachel Bryk Commits Suicide

Rachel Bryk, a transgender woman and a game developer for the Dolphin Emulator, committed suicide on Thursday, April 23rd. She was 23 years old.

Byrk started submitting code to the Dolphin Emulator, an emulator that allows Wii and GameCube games to be played on the PC, two years ago. During that time she was responsible for improvements in savestates, netplay, the user interface, configuration, and many others. She spent much of her time improving the tool assisted speedrun

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Anna Anthropy Interview at NYU Game Center

Anna Anthropy is a freeware game designer of such titles as Mighty Jill Off, Redder, Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars and Dys4ia. On March 20, 2012 she published the critically acclaimed book Rise of the Videogame Zinesters. The book calls on game industry to develop games outside of the current corporate model and design and show a greater diversity of the human experience.

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Sasha Hostyn’s Professional StarCraft Career

Sasha Hostyn (who goes by the username “Scarlett”) is a transgender female professional e-sports player. She started playing StarCraft II professionally during the fall of 2011 when she entered the female only online-tournament Iron Lady. She became recognized in March 2012 when she entered the IGN ProLeague Season 4 tournament in Las Vegas where she advanced to the sixth round and beat some known professionals.

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