As consoles now are region-free, many gamers have taken an interest into importing games. There are many reasons as to why someone would import a game and most reasons are personal interest. With how common the internet is now in comparison to the past, importing games have never been easier. And with the amount of available importing sites, it is easy for anyone to add games from other regions to the collection.

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The PlayStation Vita in 2020

Screenshot captured on PlayStation TV

The PS Vita first released back in 2011 as the successor to the PlayStation Portable. Following the PlayStation Portable’s success, Sony aimed to create a handheld that brought console quality games on the go. With games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Killzone: Mercenary near launch, Sony managed to hold up to that promise for the first years. Despite being a powerful piece of hardware, the Vita still comes down as one of Sony’s biggest failures. While Sony dropped support early, there is still a dedicated fanbase that continue to play the Vita even in 2020.

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Ronda Rousey to Appear on the Cover of UFC 2

EA Sports released a 47-second video on Friday announcing that Ronda Rousey would be on the cover of EA Sports UFC 2. The following day Rousey fought Holly Holm in UFC 193 where Rousey was knocked out fifty-nine seconds into the second round. It was her first defeat after twelve wins dating back to 2011. People are already talking about a UFC cover curse similar to the Madden cover curse.

Featuring female athletes on the covers of video game sports titles is starting to become a trend with EA Sports. FIFA 16, that came out earlier this year, featured Steph Catley, Christine Sinclair and Alex Morgan on the covers. Putting female athletes on the covers of sporting gaming titles is not new. Women have been featured on the covers of Olympic titles, such as Amanda Beard and Nastia Liukin on Sega’s Beijing 2008.

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Dark Souls Diaries – Part One

I have 500 hours, 7 complete runs, and 2 successful SL1 characters in Dark Souls 1. Since it’s release, the world of Lordran has taken up a massive portion of my life.

And yet, I’ve never played the sequel.

Cue the steam sales! I took the chance to buy the original Dark Souls for a heavily discounted price and upgrade from my measly pirated copy (I’m sorry, Miyazaki), and Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, the follow-up I never played.

I have no idea what to expect- I’ve avoided all details of this game like the plague. I’m probably going to die. A lot.

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Lack of Divas in WWE 2K16

There was a lot of talk about the roster for the WWE 2K16 after it was announced by 2K Sports. The roster was the largest ever for the series with 120 wrestlers for players to pick, but only 13 of the wrestlers represented are women, or Divas as they are called in the WWE. This lack of female wrestlers in the title contradicts the steps taken by the WWE to breath more life into the Diva Division of the WWE.

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