About Fire Frenzy

My name is Tom (many people know me as Fire Frenzy from both my gaming past and my twitch username), I’ve been gaming for longer than I could possibly hope to recall, and for a time I had equally poor vision to prove it! I’ve worked with the likes of London Pride and Essex Pride in the UK over the recent years as well as having been part of various support networks for the LGBT community on social medias such as Instagram. These days, aside from having a game community of my own with over 100 members that have spent years creating a safe place no matter what your background and life is like, I took to twitch to steer my community on a new path that could be enjoyed in a more wholesome and fun way. It was there I began on a new path and it wasn’t long until I met Katie. I was familiar with her non profit organisation through our mutual friends and noticed that she was looking for additional writers. As well as being a gay man, I have always side somewhat of a side ambition to do whatever I can to aid the LGBT community in any way I can and saw that me joining the team of writers married nicely together both my passion for gaming but also my desire to help raise the profile for a worthy cause. In March I became a Twitch Affiliate, and have continued to not only write reviews almost weekly, but I do often raise awareness of PinkFae Gaming when I’m live as well.

Video Game Review: Minecraft

Ok, so you might say this one is low hanging fruit, but not everyone has played it, and the main issue with people not playing it is based on stigmatisisms I consider somewhat unfounded. So I wanted to give this a review so those who might be missing out on one of the best games of all time realise that this might be the game for them more so than they ever knew.

We’ve all heard of Minecraft, we all know about its blocky nature, and for most that’s about it. This game is on literally every platform imaginable including VR, but for our purposes it started on PC.

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Video Game Review: Warframe

Warframe is a Sci Fi action game that has cooperative free to play with some elements that have MMO like qualities. This game has many epic features and an in depth lore around it which entices the player to sink their teeth into.

The game is free on PC (Steam) and console. The developers to regularly release new content and is a game much loved by the masses.

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Video Game Review: Far Cry 5

Available on :PC Xbox, PS4.

Far Cry is a franchise of games that many have enjoyed. It has an almost cult like following from fans of the early games of the series. Far Cry 2 and 3 attracted huge amounts of fans of the series including myself. So, what went well and badly with Far Cry 5?

Reviews on Far Cry 5 were positive about the game. The reality of it however is quite different from a player’s perspective.

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