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Bailey started gaming under the wing of her grandmother who played RPG games on the Sega Genesis. Her first actual console was the N64, where she played games like Smash and Donkey Kong, but she really got into gaming with the rise of the PS1 and Dreamcast consoles alongside her trusty GameGirl that was always running Pokemon Blue (the first game she ever beat). Since then, she's played through 3 Xbox 360s, several Gameboys of different gens, a PS2, and a few PCs! Now mostly on PC and Switch, she spends her time at home when not at work, taking care of her disabled wife and their precious cat-baby, Tart.

Roguelikes and Why You Should Love Them Like I Do

Today let’s talk about roguelikes. Two that I’ve recently enjoyed are Streets of Rogue and MidBoss. The former is actually a Rogue-Lite, while the latter is more akin to a “pure” Roguelike. So what is a Roguelike, actually? According to RogueBasin, a wiki centered around developing Roguelike games, a Roguelike is defined as:

A Roguelike is usually described as a free turn-based computer game with a strong focus on intricate gameplay and replayability, and an abstract world representation using ASCII-based display, as opposed to 3D graphics. Of course, as with any genre, there are deviations from the norm.

Roguelikes allow the player an indefinite amount of time in which to make a move, making gameplay comparable more to chess than to reflex-based games like first-person shooters. Since graphics are limited (if not completely shunned), the player’s imagination must come into play – gameplay is more like reading a book than watching a movie.

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The State of Minecraft: A Brief Review of The Nether Update

If you haven’t played Minecraft or heard about where it’s at in a long time, let me catch you up. Let’s start with a look at how the game has performed and evolved up to this point and then we’ll get into the most recent updates that have been highly anticipated and acclaimed by people looking for a beefy addition to the vanilla game.

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First Impressions: Celeste, Beacon and More

If you didn’t get a hold of that $5 bundle from itch.io last week that included well over 1000 games, you missed out for sure. Among them were gems like Arcade Spirits, which I’ve reviewed for the Switch previously, and other games I’ve heard great things about including Celeste. It even included some tabletop game systems and game development assets to help you get started with making games. To say that it was a steal is an understatement that would make even Humble Bundle jealous.

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Video Game Review: Family Man

The title of this game alone might remind you of the famous series including a baby that started out having a death wish against his own mother. You are likely to have seen it if you follow the YouTuber, CallMeKevin. In the first video where he played it, he showed that the team sent him a free code saying it was right up his alley since he could be a jerk as part of the fun.

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The State of Magic: The Gathering from a Player Perspective

I’m not someone who has been following Magic since it’s earliest inception. I’ve never even been a person to study every point in its history. Lately, however, the community has been split every which way:

The protests and riots happening in the US have divided the Magic community even after it was already split by the release of Ikoria’s Companion mechanic, which sparked controversy and started conversations about new practices regarding set releases. Many questioned whether enough playtesting was being done, or if research across all available formats was able to justify the “obviously” over-powered mechanic.

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