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Bailey (She/Her) started gaming under the wing of her grandmother who played RPG games on the Sega Genesis, which is still her favorite console. Her first console of her own was the N64, where she played games like Smash and Donkey Kong, but she really got into gaming with the rise of the PS1 and Dreamcast consoles alongside her trusty GameGirl that was always running Pokemon Blue - the first game she ever beat. Since then, she's played through 3 Xbox 360s thanks to playtime-induced red rings, several Gameboys of different gens, a PS2, and a few PCs! Now, mostly on PC and Switch, she spends her time at home when not at work, taking care of her disabled wife and their precious cat-baby, Tart.

Video Game Review: Hades

Be still my beating heart

If you’ve been paying attention to the various social media platforms, you’ll have likely heard of Supergiant Games‘ newest title, Hades. Their first title back in 2011, Bastion, was so good it had critics raving not just about the amazing gameplay and watercolor art, but the soundtrack as well. In fact, fans of the game, including myself, are still listening to “Build that wall” from Bastion; a song performed by Ashley Lynn Barret and Darren Korb – in Korb’s bedroom closet, no less – who still work together on various songs for Supergiant games to this day. Needless to say, the fact that it won “Best Song in a Game” at the VGA’s in 2011 is impressive, all things considered.

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Video Game Review: Planet Zoo

If you’re familiar with Frontier Developments as a developer, you’ve likely seen their work in the acclaimed Planet Coaster. I played many hours of the game, myself. I’ve always have been a fan of the theme park management simulators and rollercoaster designers. I never was able to say the same for games like Zoo Tycoon always feeling that they lacked substance and motive for me to be there. That said, I was a fan of the PS2 classic, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis which explored a theme park setting where you setup your own dinosaur park. It played similar to the newer release Jurassic World Evolution.

Planet Zoo, on that note, fixes the issues that I had with what you might call its inspirations. Let’s dig in to see exactly how it does that, starting with gameplay.

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Video Game Review: Crusader Kings III

If you saw my article from last week, you know that I’ve been spending my time since then playing Crusader Kings III from Paradox Development Studios. While I am a fan of Paradox games overall, I have yet to play any of their games on release aside from this one. That said, from what I heard from other fans, especially fans of the Crusader Kings franchise, this release – while a bit rocky so far – has been leagues above the launch of the second installment.

See, I’m a fantasy nerd, but at heart, I’m a sci-fi girl. Due to that, I found myself falling in love with Stellaris in all its forms. Even after the massive update that overhauled several mechanics, I found a new respect for Paradox. After all, that’s a hard decision, and one they made for the right reasons and executed well. All of that said, even with the bumps I’ve seen so far in my personal time with the game, I’m absolutely stoked to see how far this installment will go and what forms it will take as expansions and DLCs come out. That’s not even mentioning the mods that are already flooding the internet, aided by Paradox’s own modding tools that help players mod the game.

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An Overview of the Crusader Kings Franchise

Seeing all the hype about Crusader Kings III and wondering if you should buy it? Looking into it and feeling overwhelmed by the GUI or the premise? In this article, I’ll be going over the franchise from beginning to end and talking about the general things. Next week I’ll have had enough time to write a thorough review of the third installment, so expect that, but without further ado, let’s get started.

Crusader Kings

The first game was released way, way back in 2004. Paradox Interactive was just as behind it then as they are behind the new releases now, and when you look at the three games briefly, it’s charming to see how far the studio has come with its games in that span of time.

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Video Game Review: Battle Brothers

It’s been over five years since the release of Battle Brothers. In the time since, I’ve found myself coming back to it repeatedly, especially when the game gets major updates and DLCs. I’ve only picked up the free DLC, Lindwurm, myself, but the other three are great additions to the world of the base game, from my understanding. Today, we’ll just be talking about the base game and the one DLC I have.

The game was developed by Overhype Studios, a small team from Hamburg, Germany that actually focuses on making games that are by gamers, for gamers. This passion, along with a very flavorful Germanic mythology, really makes this game interesting, challenging, and immersive. Helping with that immersion are the musicians that compose the amazing soundtrack, Breakdown Epiphanies.

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