Video Game Review: Please, Don’t Touch Anything

I would highly recommend Please, Don’t Touch Anything if you have someone else to play with, it is a great couch co-op or online co-op (if you don’t mind a bit of stream lag) or streaming puzzle game, if no one in the group has played the game before.

You basically are given a single button on a panel to start, and have to discover (currently, it keeps increasing!) 25 different endings based on various clues and experimentation. Some are very simple, some are deviously difficult, but most of them eventually make some sort of sense, and having multiple eyes looking at the puzzle really, really helps, as different people tend to see and think different ways.

You will probably eventually get stuck, and that’s fine to do so, we got utterly stuck after finding 21 endings and with three half-puzzles left that we had no clue how to solve. From there, we had my partner look up the answers and start feeding clues instead, which helped direct the search and eventually finished the rest of the game that way.

As a single player game, I’d rate it decent but not great. I think a lot of the fun comes from being able to moan and sulk at a partner. I think solo, without external motivation or the enjoyment of being able to team up, a lot of people would discover maybe 10-15 of them, and then just give up or look the rest up. There tends to be some downtime in between ideas where you are just stuck and staring blankly at the wall, and having someone to bounce ideas off of during this time is enormously helpful.

Achievement wise, they’re all fairly straightforward except for the last three, which become deviously difficult to do and requires a walkthrough (you basically have to replay the entire game without a single unneeded button press). Not a fan of that one. Still, the rest of the game was a pretty great co-op experience.

The music was great, perky and catchy without being too insidious. The graphics were decent and charming, I think some of the ending scenes could have been slightly better, but not complaining. Story? Not much of one. But that’s okay!

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