Mega-kill Meltdown: A Look Back

With the recent announcement of the new update for DOTA 2, 6.85, being announced by Icefrog, I felt like it was a time to look back at everything 6.84 did to the meta-game, public’s and competitive.

6.84 gave us Aghanim’s Scepter effects to Alchemist, Legion Commander, Lifestealer, Lone Druid, Morphling, Naga Siren, Nyx Assassin, Outworld Devourer, Tusk and Wraith King. We also got a plethora of new items, tailored around supports and mid laners. Heroes such as Leshrac, and Lina grew more powerful with the addition of Octarine Core, and carries that relied on invisibility for ganking, too grew stronger with the addition of Silver Edge.

The way we played changed too. In 6.83, the game boiled down to your carry hero versus their carry hero and nothing else mattered. Now, everyone is set equal in the mid-game, as even now supports can have high impact, with the addition of Guardian Greaves, a powerful healing item, and Glimmer Cape, a cape that renders an ally invisible. Some heroes got significant bonuses that now render them powerhouses. Current carry power-house Gyrocopter, had his cast animation for his ability, Rocket Barrage, removed. New middle lane powerhouse Leshrac, who, before considered a support hero, had significant bonuses to his damage and slows.

In the end, Icefrog changed the hoho’s and the haha’s of the laughing sniper, and the slashes of the farmed Juggernaut, and turned the game from a PvE farming game, into a five versus five strategy game.

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