Events at 2015 Gen Con Indy

There are a number of events that might be of interest to transgender gamers at the upcoming Gen Con in Indianapolis this year. Tabletop Gaymers is hosting their annual  “Queer as a Three-Sided Die” seminar along with a number of events that are transgender inclusive. Alexa Heart, a transgender cosplayer, will be hosting seminars on cosplay as well as one on coming out in the gaming culture.

Wednesday – Trade Day

11:00 AM – Diversity in Gaming Culture
A discussion on the educational benefits of gaming in communicating cross-cultural experiences. Includes topics demonstrating an increased need for diversity in gaming media.


2:00 PM – Writing Comics: Writing Women Friendly Comics
What is a comic for women? Is it a good idea to try to write to a specific readership? Is it even possible? Explore this topic with our distinguished guests.

6:00 PM – Gaymer Gathering (ZED1569125)
Meet, greet, & play tabletop games with other LGBT nerds & our supporters. Pick up your GAYMER badge ribbon! Bring your own game or use one from the gaymer library.


11:00 AM – Women at the Table
Tips on how to open up your group to women & keep women interested once they’re there.

2:00 PM – Diversity in Gaming (SEM1580463)
Discrimination ordinances, Gamergate, & the expanding Geek culture emphasize the importance of diversity. This is an opportunity to brainstorm how we can make gaming more welcoming for everyone.

6:00 PM – Cosplay: Do It For You! (SEM1576911)
Panelist will cover topics like Age, Race, Body Image, Gender and how to overcome fears and obstacles society has placed in front of you! Also covered: cosplaying w/ disabilities and how cosplay is for everyone!


11:00 AM – Women in Games After Gamergate
In the wake of Gamergate, we’ll explore what the industry is doing to help, how women are interacting differently & ways we as a community can support women as leaders in the evolving gaming world.

7:00 PM – Coming Out Cosplay: An LGBT Community Panel (SEM1576912)
The host, a transgender cosplay model, will discuss her decision to transition w/ the support of the cosplay & geek communities. She’ll cover the obstacles she’s faced, etc. Q&A to follow.

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